What are people saying about the Cricut Explore® Family of Machines?

“It looks incredibly clean and professional with relatively little effort, and is sure to elicit gasps of “You MADE that?!” from friends … it’s significantly better than the Silhouette.” Read More
– Rachel Wilkerson Miller, BuzzFeed

The best machine out there!

"This is by far the best machine out there for crafters. The Explore cuts incredibly fine detailed images. The machine and the Design Space software are extremely intuitive and user friendly. Provo Craft has taken DIY crafting to new and exciting heights by allowing us to use SVGs with the Explore. I love this machine!"  Read More

The Amazon reviews are in!

See what the Cricut Explore Air reviews say. Read More

Why I gave away my Silhouette and replaced it with Cricut Explore®

"Within one week, I knew it was my cutter of choice and the Silhouette went back in the box and was donated to someone who could use it."  Read More

This cool tech toy is a DIYer's best friend

"[Cricut Explore is a] tool that would bring DIY projects to the masses. My verdict, after testing it in the lab: mission successful!" Read More

10 Reasons I Switched To Team Cricut

"The most perspective changing thing that I discovered (hands down) was that the Explore is no longer in the same class as [Cricut’s] previous machines or as Silhouette's."  Read More

Macworld reviews Cricut Explore®

"The Cricut Explore essentially does three things: cut, write, and score. It cuts with a degree of precision and automation that is hard to find elsewhere."  Read More

I have had so much fun using the Cricut Explore

"My head is spinning with project ideas for this incredible machine and I can’t wait to share more projects we’ve completed and come up with more great ideas to make life easier! From school projects to home decor (and parties, of course)…"  Read More

This butterfly wedding dress made my heart skip a beat—and you can make it!

"Their designer made the dress and added all that embellishment (including the adorbs little collar necklace!) for around $100!"  Read More

I don’t talk about products that I don’t love

"They genuinely listened to what we said and created the Cricut Explore to answer our needs."  Read More

Watch the Cnet Cricut Explore® review

"Cricut Explore scores big…especially with the ladies!"  Watch Video

Why buy a Cricut Explore®? Amy Huntley tells why…

"I was not prepared for how much I would love the Cricut Explore cutting machine. Like so much so, that I actually gasped…out loud…twice!"  Read More

3D Printing May Be The Future: Cricut Explore is Now

"I thought I was looking at a device designed by Apple."  Read More